Role of the Facilitator

Why Use a Facilitator?

Groups are basic work units. We utilize groups to share and sort through different views, to produce exceptional ideas and plans, and to develop effective products and services. All organizations, from management teams, boards, and committees, to task forces and inter-organizational groups, need to come together to solve problems, make decisions, and plan for future work.

To facilitate is to “make easy or easier.” A facilitator does just that: she makes the work of a group easier, and eases the group toward its goals.

When it is the group itself that needs “work,”┬áto manage conflict or to change and improve processes, a facilitator can help the group examine its own behavior and processes in a safe, non-threatening and productive manner.

Facilitating any kind of group to achieve desired objectives is challenging work. Having an effective facilitator can bring enormous payoffs: the work of the gathering is accomplished, and participants feel the time spent is productive. They leave the gathering feeling satisfied, and even inspired to do more.