You were truly extraordinary this week. Your keen insight, analysis and ability to move our group in and out of some very complicated, yet critically important discussions was honestly remarkable. I am so grateful for your leadership, guidance and partnership through this process.

Lauren Hersh

Director of Anti-Trafficking Policy & Advocacy

Sanctuary for Families

“I had an extraordinary experience and left the meeting galvanized and inspired.”

Katie has some kind of magic as a facilitator – she led our diverse group through an intense two-day process and managed to make it fun, strengthen our relationships, and keep us on time and on task all at the same time. I never knew a meeting could be so full of heart and so creatively productive. When Katie’s running the show, I’m always excited to get to the table.

Moderating a meeting with high profile, highly driven people is never easy. Getting folks in that same meeting to agree to an action plan is even harder. Katie manages to do both. That skill is driven, at least in part, by Katie’s understanding of social movement dynamics, and her genuine engagement and investment in the world-changing work at hand. Put even more simply: Katie cares deeply. And it shows.

Anne K. Ream

Founder and Creative Director

The Voices and Faces Project

I have participated in several large group workshops facilitated by Katie. She brought value to the experience. She ensured that everyone had the opportunity to contribute, maintained excellent time management, and achieved the goals of the workshops. These are not easy things to achieve, but Katie does them well. She establishes a collaborative environment and maintains a positive respectful attitude for the group members.

Lynne Johnson

Policy Director

Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation

I spent a week with Katie Feifer in Durban, South Africa, where we participated in a project sponsored by Tearfund. We spent five days with nine survivors. In the course of those days I watched Katie facilitate conversations among these women, preparing them to speak out about their experiences for the first time. Katie led them through an emotional process from the first day to the last which resulted in a remarkable transformation in their ability to speak with dignity about what they had experienced….And she was even more awesome than these words describe.

Patricia Evans

Documentary Photographer