With more than 15 years working as an activist on the issue of gender-based violence, and over 40 years of experience facilitating groups of all kinds, Katie Feifer has a unique public-private sector history that makes her highly qualified to provide exceptional facilitation services to organizations dealing with gender justice related issues.

A former Vice President and Group Research Director at Leo Burnett Company, one of the country’s most respected communications firms, and currently an independent consultant for a long list of Fortune 500 companies, Katie has a wealth of experience in qualitative research, discussion and meeting facilitation, and strategic planning.

Since 2003, Katie has been Research Director of The Voices and Faces Project, a national creative and documentary organization that brings the voices and faces of survivors of sexual violence and trafficking to the attention of the public in order to change hearts, minds and public policy on issues related to gender based violence.

Also since 2003, Katie has worked for the Center for Community Solutions in San Diego as a Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) advocate.

As a founding member of CounterQuo, a national initiative created in 2008 to change legal and media responses to violence against women by fostering organizational collaboration, Katie organizes and facilitates the CounterQuo member meetings, manages the members’ listserv, and blogs on behalf of our membership.

Katie is a founding co-chair and member of the Executive Council for World Without Exploitation, the movement to end human trafficking and sexual exploitation launched in 2016.


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